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Bill Kaulitz

Because he's cute as a kitten

pics, music, vids of Bill Kaulitz (or Tokio Hotel)
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Tokio Hotel pictures
This community is for posting pictures and links of Bill Kaulitz and resources on Tokio Hotel, cute or funny ones, preferably, and their performances if possible.

Because whenever I lurk in the Tokio Hotel fandom, there isn't a day without I giggle or go "aww", much like when I see cat macros or pictures posted on communities like baaaaabyanimals.

Community rules :

1) no stalker or paparazzi material thanks. Candids are okay only when taken at or outside public appearances.

2) no NSFW material - not to be prude, but this is a comfort/cute community. There are other places for your daily porn.

3) if you post more than one picture, please put the others under a cut : write them between tags like (where you replace parenthesis by < and > ) :
(lj-cut text="pic description")

In case of problems, contact :
admin : hiyami
mod : robin99

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